Lush Haul by Sally

Note: the “Rating System” section is up!

A few weeks ago I ordered some goodies online through a forum I frequent for Lush swaps (this is an excellent place to look if you want to try some items but aren’t ready to drop the dough in store), and they finally arrived today! I ordered from two different people, so I was expecting two different boxes… but I was NOT expecting the TONS and TONS of freebies they both gave me! I probably got about 15 samples on top of the items I ordered (everything from jellies, to bath bombs, to ballistics, to several full size non-lush products [catwalk body lotion, hand salve, etc]). I was ecstatic!

I will totally be sharing this stuff with Alex, so expect lots of reviews from both of us!

2 Ickle Baby Baff bubble bars
Play your cards right massage bar
Happy Hippy 100ml body wash
Flying Fox 100ml body wash (x2)
Super Fresh Pink Supernova ballistic
Sunnyside bbs bubble bar
Potion Lotion 100ml
Golden Slumbers ballistic
Blue Elixir bath melt
Godliness bubble bar
100ml Skin Sin lotion
Spice Mountain soap
Cocktail soap
Avobath bath bomb
Big Blue bath bomb
Blackberry bath bomb
Rainbow Worrier bath bomb
Green Party bath bomb
Jingle Spells
Bathos bubble bar
Candy Cane bubble bar
Comforter bubble bar
French Kiss bubble bar
Happy bubble bar
Pop in the Bath bubble bar
Creamy Candy bath melt
Freeze SG sample
Snowcake SG sample
Banana Moon sample
Gratuitious Violets sample
Sandstone soap sample
Sea Vegetable soap sample
Snowcake soap sample
The Blonde solid shampoo sample

I also probably recieved 15 or so more samples that will take me some time to go through and post. But, tomorrow, once I have the time, I’ll be sure to post them and do a few reviews!

My huge Lush haul!

My huge Lush haul!

My Lush storage system!

My Lush storage system!

Even more storage!

Even more storage!

2 responses to “Lush Haul by Sally

  1. MMM Snowcake! The first time I tried it, I got a Play Dough type scent from it and didn’t care for it. Later I tried the perfume and fell in love. Have fun trying your goodies.

  2. May I know how much you spent? About 150? Thanks šŸ™‚

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