Two Stories/Two Reasons why I love Lush!

Today, I have two wonderful stories for you (in addition to several new reviews of new items, which are being written by Alex as we speak!)…

1. In my first group order from the UK, mid Sept., I bought a Large Ocean Salt among other things because it is significantly cheaper in the UK! About two weeks later the items reached me (they had to go to the person who made the group order, first) and I was super disappointed to find my Ocean Salt all screwed up; leaky and half full. Boo! So I wrote to customer service just to let them know what happened, not really expecting a response, and they emailed me right back and told me they would send me a replacement! Woohoo! This probably only happened four days ago or so, so imagine my shock when I come home today to find THIS on my kitchen table:

I know the picture is crap (click to make it larger!), but I’m sure you can make out the TWO BRAND NEW LARGE SIZED OCEAN SALTS! Those puppies cost $33 in the U.S., EACH! Thank you, oh amazing customer service at Lush UK, for sending me $66 worth of Lush for free!

2. I also got another package! Remember that UK Forum party I so faithfully blogged about? Well, perhaps I didn’t mention that I won THREE prizes in a competition. I guessed three tracklistings on a CD correctly (she had a mix CD and we had to guess what songs were on it) and so Lush sent me three items!!

Again, the picture sucks (you can click it to make it bigger)… but I got Snow Fairy, Magic Bath Bomb, and Let Them Eat Cake! They all smell absolutely divine, and reviews will be coming shortly.

Lush is the best company in the world because they have incredible customer service, are environmentally friendly, and carry all-natural products that are good for your skin/hair. What could be better? Well, I guess it could be better if they were a teeeeeny bit cheaper but… it certainly isn’t stopping me from buying Lush, and they feed my addiction by giving me free stuff, anyway!

And here is one last picture, because Alex is cute… even though the blurriness of this photo makes him look like a total creep.

2 responses to “Two Stories/Two Reasons why I love Lush!

  1. TrailerTrashPrincess

    oh, he is cute!

    but i have a question… the replacement Ocean Salts they sent you? were they just as underfilled as the others? i don’t use Ocean Salt, so i don’t know what “normal” full is but there have been several times when folks said their UK pots were underfilled. it upsets me 😦

  2. The replacements they sent me varied… one of them was full RIGHT to the top, I’ve never seen anything like it! And the top was swirled and perfect. The other one was laying on its side and wasn’t quite as full, so I could see straight down to the bottom. I’ll take some pictures and post them with a comparison to the one I got (sans the gross hairs I told you about– which was the major issue!).

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