Flying Fox Shower Gel by Alex

Flying Fox Shower Gel

About the item:

3.3 oz. $9.25

8.4 oz. $17.45

16.9 oz. $24.75

The Official Lush Website describes Flying Fox Shower Gel as an “Exotic jasmine and honey shower gel [that] boosts confidence and sex appeal… its infinitely sexy and mysterious scent makes any shower fit for a queen.”

This item contains: Honey (Mel), Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Chinese Angelica, Burdock Root and Jasmine Flower Infusion, Sodium Cocoamphoacetate, Hungarian Honey (Mel), Greek Honey (Mel), English Honey (Mel), Perfume, Jasmine Absolute (Jasminum officinale), Ylang Ylang Oil (Cananga odorata), Cypress Oil (Cupressus sempervirens), Palmarossa Oil (Cymbopogan martini), *Geraniol, *Limonene, *Linalool, Methylparaben, Propylparaben.

My Review

I shall never forget, as long as I live, a single awkward line I was forced to read aloud in my Intro to Fiction course. I don’t remember what story it came from, or for that matter the context… or the line itself, but I distinctly remember the image of a girl holding a finger aloft in the air and the faint scent of orange blossoms on the breeze. For all its absurdity, meaninglessness and general bodily grotesquety, I think the predominant feeling generated by the line lodged itself in my memory. The notion that sex or passion or desire has a distinct smell and that this smell is in fact floral and above all, natural in origin. I mean, notice the author didn’t write “and the faint breeze smelled of Obsession, by Calvin Klein.”

It all boils down to this: whatever they put in Flying Fox Shower Gel smells like sex appeal in its rawest form. No, it doesn’t smell like synthetic pig hormones or whatever the hell they use to make Axe attract prepubescent girls. It evokes that natural, Adam-and-Eveish kind of sexual desire. Clean, floral and delicious. I’m fairly certain this stuff is actually marketed to females, but I find the smell more of a unisex thing. If they ever wanted to sell it to guys, of course, they could just drop the ‘f’ and make it Flying Ox (“Ox” of course, not being used to refer to an adult, castrated male of the genus Bos, but a big, manly chunk of hot sexy man-which meat).

Even though I really do love the smell of this product, I’m going to have to play devil’s advocate for a moment. Sally isn’t a big fan, and I can see why, to be honest. It contains mostly honey and jasmine with a good amount of Chinese Angelica, which is a medicinal herb generally used for menopause… stuff and menstrual… things. Or something. Anyway, it’s also an aphrodisiac, which is cool but not necessarily for everyone. Basically it smells like tasty honey with a pretty strong floral overtone and a little bit of that trees-having-sex smell you get in spring when there’s tons of pollen in the air. I think it’s awesome, but I thought I should get a second opinion, so I asked one of my room mates and this guy who comes over to my house every Saturday to take a shower because he’s not allowed to at his place (long story). She said she liked the smell a lot, but that it was a little strange and he said that he found it very relaxing. Go figure. Also, an important thing to remember is that when you smell it in the store, you’re smelling the concentrated form. When you mix it with water and lather it on to your skin, it’s going to dilute a lot. After washing with it you’ll definitely smell it on you (and trust me it’s quite nice), but it isn’t overpowering at all in my opinion.

Apart from the smell (which, lets admit, is probably the most important characteristic to most people for any Lush product) this stuff actually really impresses me as a shower gel. The other Lush gels I’ve used (in particular Rub Rub Rub) are a little too runny and despite being good moisturizers, they don’t lather nearly enough… like… at all. Flying Fox on the other hand is nice and relatively thick and it lathers pretty well. Not incredible, but it’s all natural and doesn’t contain harmful chemicals to make it look thicker and more lathery. As far as longevity goes, this stuff is pretty good. I don’t know the exact ratio but I would say one of the small bottles will last you about as long as one of those giganto bottles of body wash (Axe, Old Spice, etc.), which is pretty impressive. Like most Lush products, you don’t need to use a ton to get the job done.

As for composition, there are a number of different honeys in this mixture which are known for their restorative and medicinal qualities — you can actually use honey to treat burns and prevent infections and when mixed with body moisture it creates a natural hydrogen peroxide solution which helps to sanitize and cleans. Honey is also good because it absorbs well into the skin, providing nutrients for your cells. And of course the Jasmine and Ylang Ylang don’t hurt either.

So all in all, this shower gel provides all of the things a good shower gel ought to, with the added bonus that it smells like exquisite carnal ecstasy. Which may or may not be a good thing, depending on who you ask.

Bang for Your Buck: $$

Overall Rating: 4

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