Fragrances and Lotions!

We have several large content updates coming your way, but for the mean time (and I can’t believe I didn’t blog about this sooner…) here is some important info:

First, the UK has introduced a new VERY AFFORDABLE shipping price for NA customers! Wahoo! No more group orders! Go make a mock order and check it out… only $5.95!

Second,we have some info on the perfume/lotion party this Tuesday!

The party is for one day: Tues 28th Oct 08 – 10am to 7pm.

In case the phones are busy, and to give an extra day for orders, so that people don’t get stressed if they cant phone on Tues, we are allowing one more day of orders the next day.
So no party on Wed – but you can still place orders for the specials from 9am – 9pm


The Sultana of Fragrance 2580 50ml £ 21
The Comforter Fragrance 2582 50ml £ 23
Tramp Fragrance 2584 50ml £ 25
Skinny Dip Fragrance 2586 50ml £ 22
Jungle Fragrance 2588 50ml £ 24
Something Wicked Fragrance 2590 50ml £ 35

Body Lotions :

The Sultana of Body Lotion 2581 225g £9.50
The Comforter Body Lotion 2583 225g £11
Tramp Body Lotion 2585 225g £9.50
Skinny Dip Body Lotion 2587 225g £10
Jungle Body Lotion 2589 225g £10
Something Wicked Body Lotion 2591 225g £13

Factory Mistake:

Golden Karma. 2592 85g £1.75 Limited stock.

3 responses to “Fragrances and Lotions!

  1. I think maybe you’re mistaken about the NA shipping costs. When I do a mock order on the UK site the shipping costs varies depending on the total weight of the order. What’s in your cart when you’re getting 5.95?

  2. Hi friend, I should have made that clearer. Lush UK added a new “Royal Mail” option to shipping. Prior to that it was just courier, which was insanely expensive, which was why we always did group orders over on the forum. Now, you have other options:

    0kg to 1kg 5.95
    1kg to 2kg 7.95

    If your order is larger than that, it is STILL cheaper to place two smaller orders that fit in the under 2kg bracket than to shell out the dough for the old shipping prices (I think they started at $26 or something? Not sure, I always did group orders…)

  3. They’re selling huge fragrances of some of the products? Is this available only for the party? Also is this a real party or what? :3

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