NA Chat Party Nov. 25

Hi friends! Long time, no update! We are ridiculously busy this time of year… along with all the crazy holiday happenings, we are bogged down with finals and term papers for the closing of the college semester. I thought I’d take a minute to update about the chat party tomorrow, though…

November 25, 3-6 pm Pacific Time (doors open 2-8 pm)

Join us for cheerful trivia, lots of new Retro and limited edition products and chances to win LUSH stuff.

Super special, limited edition web-only (and phone) stuff!

    The Comforter Shower Gel $16.95 (250ml) and $25.95 (500ml)
    Hot Toddy Bubble Bar $5.95
    Christmas Cracker Bubble Bar $5.95
    Green Green Bath of Foam Bubble Bar $5.95
    Silver Cloud Bath Bomb $6.25
    Silent White Bath Bomb $5.75
    Fairy Jasmine Bath Bomb $5.75
    Randy Butter Buttercream $7.95 per chunk

New Retro!

    Temple of Truth Bubble Bar $5.85

Just In!

    Keep It Fluffy Soap $6.95

One response to “NA Chat Party Nov. 25

  1. horray I got a comforter & some randy butter..I had a bottle of comforter sg shipped to me last an envelope..stupid shipper..i got all of a tablespoon out..smelled awesome though!!

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