Christmas Sale 2008 Followup

Hi friends,

I hope you’ve made time to pay a visit to Lush! I keep reading on the forums that this sale “sucks” and is nothing compared to last year– and while the latter may be semi-true, I can’t fathom anyone thinking this sale sucks and being disappointed, even in comparison to last year. Buy 1 Get 2 free holiday items? Buy 1 Get 1 gifts? Don’t get spoiled by the fact that Lush has been even MORE generous in past years! They’re giving you free stuff! Be happy!

I made Alex drive me to the brand new Burlington, MA Lush store this year. We got up at 6am to make it in for 8am… silly me, thinking there’d be lines and lines all over. Is no one else obsessed with Lush? Eh, maybe not. Anyway, we arrived and were there for probably a half hour and only one other customer came in (that I noticed, anyway… I was admittedly a bit distracted).

This was my beautiful haul:

Keep it Fluffy Soap ($20/ish chunk)
Porridge Soap ($20/ish chunk)
Angel’s Delight Soap ($20/ish chunk, free)
Snowcake Soap ($20/ish chunk, free)
Demon in the Dark ($20/ish chunk, free)
Extra Virgin Olive Oil ($20/ish chunk, free)

Marzibain bubble bar x 3
Jingle Spells x 3
Christmas Morning x 3
Frothy the Snowman bubble bar x 2 (all free, I totally regret not grabbing more of these…)
Twinkle x 3 (all free)
Chocolate Santa x 3 (all free)
Snowdrop x 2 (all free)
Lush Pud x 2 (all free)
Christmas Kisses x 1 (all free)
Christmas Party x 5 (all free)

White Christmas holiday gift
Happy Showers holiday gift (free)

I, unfortunately, had a bad experience with an employee at the store that made me not want to return. I was frustrated enough to make a post about it on the Lush Forum, but was immediately PM’d by their Team Leader, Lauren. I’ve been corresponding with her a few times a day to fill her in on what happened, and she has been absolutely incredible. Definetly the BEST customer service I have ever had, in any store, in my entire life. She made me feel so much better about the situation (and took the necessary actions in handling the situation with her manager/regional manager) that I will probably go to the Burlington, MA shop exclusively from now on (sorry, Natick!).

I’m going back on Friday to pick up a few things Lauren set aside for me, but my list is growing longer as I think about what I want. If they have more Twinkle or Frothy, I’ll definetly be picking a few up… I also really want a Let Them Eat Cake lippy for Alex’s brother’s girlfriend who wasn’t able to grab one when they visited the shop. And then I am cut off from buying Lush for quite some time!

Did any of you take advantage of the Lush after Christmas sale? Or are you planning to? Leave a comment with your Lush Haul and you’ll be entered into a drawing for some delicious Lush goodies. 🙂

18 responses to “Christmas Sale 2008 Followup

  1. I definitely took advantage of the Lush after-Christmas sale!!! This is my Haul:

    – Spice Curls (2)
    – Karma
    – Porridge (big chunk)
    – Sexy Peel (2)
    – Honey I Washed the Kids (3 – love this soap!!)
    – Bohemian
    – Demon in the Dark
    – Soak n Float Shampoo Bar
    – BIG Hair Shampoo

    WOOHOO!!!!! This is my first Lush haul, and I’m totally hooked!!! I stumbled onto your website, and I’m so happy I did! It’s awesome!! Thanks for all of your helpful reviews! 🙂

  2. I took advantage of the sale as well, which was handy as I am re-discovering LUSH. I picked up:
    -two gifts (both the same- I forget the name but it was vanilla fountain, snowcake, smitten, marzibain)
    – 2x I Should Coco
    -2x Snowcake
    -2x Porridge
    -Ooh La La
    -Mud Flats
    -Mr. Butterball

    I would have gotten a stockpile of Marzibain, except the SA who helped me said that they weren’t limited to holiday and would be around permanently. Lies, all lies. I got the two in my gifts, but still… sadness.

    Also picked up a few staples which weren’t on sale (Coolaulin, Love Lettuce, Curly Wurly, Aqua Mirabilis).

  3. fiftypercentninja

    I had to do it by mail order, so my haul wasn’t quite so big but I’m SUPER happy with it nonetheless!

    2x Stardust Gift
    2x Enchanted Gift
    4x Humango
    4x Mr. Butterball
    2x Ice Blue
    2x Godmother
    2x Bohemian
    2x Alkamaar
    6x Christmas Kisses
    2x Magic
    2x Chocolate Santa

    Yumm yummy yummy!

  4. Oh yeah, I took advantage of the sale, though not as much as I did in past years because I’m well stocked. I got:

    White Christmas gift
    Enchanted gift
    Jingle Spells x3
    Strawberry Santa x3

    I may check another store to see what they’ve got left. I wouldn’t mind 3 Humangos for the price of 1.

  5. Oops, I meant Winter Wonderland, not White Christmas.

  6. Francesca Fiore

    Nice haul! My store was out of a lot of the individual items, but I had a lovely time shopping anyway… here’s what I got:

    Stardust Gift
    Enchanted Gift
    Christmas Party Gift
    12 Days of Christmas Gift
    Snowshowers Perfume
    2 Christmas Party BBs
    3 Holiday BBs
    6 Mr. Butterballs
    3 Lush Puds
    Godmother Soap
    Rock Star Soap
    Keep It Fluffy Soap (which I was totally disappointed with by the way- mine has no scent whatsoever.)

    I think I read your post on the forum about your bad experience, so I’m glad it was well-handled by the manager. I hate that feeling, especially if you’d rather pay shipping than go to a store.

  7. I took advantage of the online sale. Not as good as the store sale but I’m happy. I couldn’t find the time with work to drive two hours to the Burlington store so I got the following:

    2x 8 Crazy Nights Gift
    2x Supernatural Gift
    2x Winter Wonderland Gift
    2x Temptation
    2x B Electro
    2x Sea Vegetable
    2x Waylander

  8. Thanks for replying, everyone! I’m going to give this post a few more days to collect comments, and then I’ll announce a raffle winner.

  9. I took advantage of the N.A. mail-order sale. 🙂

    2xIce Blue
    2xRed Rooster
    2xA Gold Star
    3xLush Pud
    1xThe Wuss
    1xWashday Greens

  10. I might have got up at the crack of dawn the day after Christmas to shop the sale at my local store. (As did someone else I know! lol) Here’s my haul:
    3 Humangos
    15 Snowdrops
    15 Frothy the Snowman
    3 Jingle Spells
    9 Mr. Butterball
    6 Lush Pud
    2 Christmas Party
    1 Twinkle
    6 Christmas Morning
    6 Witches’ Ball
    3 Candy Cane
    3 Holiday bbs
    3 Gold Star

    Now that I’ve read your Karma Soap review, I have a craving for more Karma!

  11. Cakesniffer– Only 1 twinkle?!?! Why, oh why?

  12. I didn’t spend much this year, especially compared to how much I spent at the Clean Slate sale in 2007! 😉 But at least I got enough to (hopefully) get me through most of 2009.

    The haul (not everything was on sale):

    2 Twinkle
    1 Snowdrops
    3 Magic
    1 Holiday
    1 Gold Star
    1 Witches’ Ball
    3 Humango
    3 large Snow Fairy
    large chunks of Sandstone, B Electro & Karma
    The Comforter solid
    It’s a Wrap
    small size Eau Roma Water

    Several of these are new to me (including Karma) so I can’t wait to try everything. 🙂

  13. Bizarre to buy only one Twinkle, I know! But I used buy loads of them, and by the time I got through to to the last of them the scent was gone. So I exercised a thing called “willpower” and bought just the one. It was a new and odd experience. I will have to re-evaluate whether buying one of an item is for me or not. 🙂

  14. I found this website from the lush forum. I was on vacation when the sale started when I finally got home there was like nothing left in holiday items mostly no ballistics.
    I bought the last 3 chocolate santas
    1 Porridge
    1 Honey I washed the kids
    1 christmas cake
    1 happy christmas
    1 Spellbound
    2 gold star
    1 witches ball mmm I love this one
    and aromacream
    I was very disappointed there was hardly any ballistics I was looking forward to lush pud.
    I just went back today and got a big piece of porridge
    1 angels delight i think its called smells grapefruity
    1 christmas cake
    then decided to open a macys account bad me bad me
    I bought enchanted and 12 days of christmas.
    I was really hoping to have tried other bath ballistics but my lush didnt have any and wasnt get anymore in. I love lush pud and wanted a few. I only have two left I think.

  15. I mostly took advantage of the B1G2 sale to stock up on soap and try some new ones.

    I picked up:
    Lily Savon
    Keep It Fluffy
    B Electro
    Sultana Of Soap
    Extra Virgin Olive Oil
    Honey I Washed the Kids
    Ooh La La
    Sea Vegetable

    When I went in the store was pretty much wiped clean of holiday stuff. They had 3 gift sets left and a few of the fragrances or lip balms, I can’t remember which.

  16. Soooo, was there ever a winner announced for the raffle on this thread?

  17. Yes, there was a winner announced… I just never posted about it. 🙂 I sent her an email directly to her account, instead. I’m sorry, I should have posted something to let everyone know. I definitely will from now on… in fact, I’m going to announce a new promotion in the next few days for a sample lot.

  18. Do tell! Who was the lucky winner, and what did she get to add to her stash?

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