New Items! YUM!

Hey everyone! Definetly read the Lush Haul I posted below from the 2008 Christmas Sale (you should see that post right below this one). While I’m online, though, I thought I’d fill you all in on some exciting Lush news I just read…

I read the UK Lush Times, and they announced some new products coming our way in the new year! Here they are:

• Your favourite ballistics made BIG! Big Big Blue, Vanilla Mountain, Avo Big Bath and Sexx Bomb.
• If you love our Vanilla Fountain ballistic, or Celestial moisturiser you will love our new Vanilla range coming soon. Stay tuned.
• Are you still loving our Angels on Bare skin cleanser? Coming soon is Hells Angels cleanser, a lovely black squidgy scrub made with charcoal to absorb oils and give you a pretty efficient exfoliation.

Anyone know if these items will be released in the USA?

Also, there are some new Retro NA items heading our way! Something Wicked was released today or yesterday on the NA site, and coming soon are:

Turbo bubble bar – coming next week
Karma bath melt – coming next week
Something Wicked This Way Comes bath melt
LUSH Lime shower smoothie
The Strokes hair treatment


6 responses to “New Items! YUM!

  1. holy crap- Hells Angels? that’s nuts! i’m also waiting for Business Time to reach my local store here in Vegas 😦

  2. Dude I got to see a huge tisty, Mo herself brought it to our xmas meal and gave it to my boss. It was pretty damned awesome!!

  3. Francesca Fiore

    Awesome!! The vanilla line sounds super fantastic, I can’t wait for that. I am so obsessed with the vanilla pod scent right now and I always love all things vanilla. Thanks for the info!

  4. Susie, that sounds amazing… I am SOOO psyched about the new items! Especially Hell’s Angels…

  5. More bath bombs turned huge?!?!?!? That is soooo awesome!! I can’t wait to see. I haven’t even heard of this anywhere on the forum yet!! I’m so glad I check your blog on a regular basis. I love bath bombs and big bath bombs just might send me to heaven.

  6. Giant Bombs? WWHHHEEE!!!!! I can’t wait. I have a retro order with The Strokes and Something Wicked on its way. Hell’s Angels sounds amazing as well- perhaps like a squeezable coalface?

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