News on new items!

Hi everyone,

I have some more news on the new items released in the UK that I mentioned a few posts down. Typed up directly from Lush Times, here are descriptions of all the new items! Enjoy!

Avobath Big Bath
The Avobath is one of those ballistics which gets evening people going in the morning,w hen they would much rather be asleep. So imagine the effect a HUGE one will have! This is an amazingly refreshing ballistic that smells of stimulating lemongrass. Take a good sniff before you throw it into the bath to revive a sleepy brain. If you absolutely have to get up early and still function as a normal human being, then you need an Avobath a day.

Sexxx Bomb
The Sex Bomb has one of the sexiest scents Lush has ever managed to mix up and jam in a ballistic. It makes you want to sing “Making Whoopee” and do the dance of the seven veils, preferably both at the same time. Unsurprisingly, it has become a huge best seller. Here’s a version that’s even more massive. The Sexxx Bomb makes your skin superbly soft because we had an extra water softener in and throw in some soya milk, too. You might consider sharing it.

Vanilla Mountain
This is a good example of how the Lush product creators work together, combining their skills to create a fabulous bath ballistic. Or, if you lsiten to Simon’s version, he created a lovely vanilla and burnt caramel scent, with a touch of exotic tonka bean and sensual seductive jasmine. Then his mum nicknamed it to put into her latest product, the Vanilla Fountain. Anyway, this worked so well that she decided to make an even bigger version. It had to be the Vanilla Mountain, didn’t it?

Big Big Blue
BE aware that a Big Big Blue gives you the full Pacific Ocean experience. Complete with strands of mineral rich seaweed (but stopping short of actual fish). Don’t drop it in unless you want a tidal wave, too. This bright blue ballistic, with its crust of stimulating sea salt gives you a deep turquoise bath that refreshes your mind and body almost as much as a holiday by the warm ocean. Big Big Blue is a lot cheaper, there’s no jet lag and you don’t have to eat airplane food!

There are all the same size and cost as Humango– and are all vegan friendly!

In other news, there are even MORE new items coming to shelves near you! Among them:

Love Soap- “Sunshine on apple orchards in late summer, with a rose garden thrown in.”

Heavanilli Massage Bar- Same fragrance as Vanilla Fountain.

Strawberry Feels Forever Massage Bar: “Crushed strawberries and hibiscus flowers, similar to Yummy Yummy Yummy.”

Hells Angels Cleanser- “For dull, oily skin. Squidgy scrub made with charcoal to absorb oils, with avocado oil, glycerin, black sugar scrubbies, rhasshoul mud, sandalwood, and rosewood essential oils!”

One response to “News on new items!

  1. Love Soap smells like green tea, its lovely!

    The new vanilla products (except the powder) all seem to smell like butter popcorn and strawberry feels forever is divine!

    Also hells angels won’t be out until after valentines 😦

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