Once Again, Triumphantly, Dear Readers.

Lo, my faithful readers. A year has come and gone and too long have we left you, in Timbalands immortal words, “without a dope beat to step to.” Apologies are in order and a swift, timely redress shall be made (more on that later).

First and foremost, an update: Alex graduated with all the grace of a man with his jacket on fire, and promptly went to work in a field wholly unrelated to to his major until economics, etc. forced him back into a life of boredom and stagnation. Now he spends his days looking for work, sending manuscripts for publication, doing freelance (check me out on Loudbus.com!) and battling with the loan companies. Sally, on the other hand, is finishing up her last semester whilst supporting herself, and her rather voracious learning habit, as a waitress. In short, we’ve both been rather too busy/complacent/destitute to keep up with our Lush avocation, and therefore have not been able to keep up with our reviews.

But the new year has brought with it the wonderful post-holiday Clean Slate sale, revivifying our collections and renewing our vigor for Lush products and reviews thereof. We’re going to try for at least 1 new review every week. Also, in the interest of offering a more steady stream of content to you folks, we’re going to implement some different formats. More on that in future entries.

Our first review of the new year will be online by the end of the day and many more shall follow. Also we’ll probably post some pics of our recent Haul from the Clean Slate Sale.

So rejoice! Once again, triumphantly, we return, dear readers.

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