About Us

Welcome to A Lush Life! My girlfriend Sally and I started this blog because we wanted to offer up our knowledge and experience on all that is Lush to those who have, like us, fallen in love with the company and its fabulous[ly expensive] soaps, perfumes, bath bombs and so on. Together we offer a dual perspective (Lord and Lady) on products that we have tested personally.

We have come to accept the fact that we are catering to a pretty specific audience (Acolytes of the Cult of Lush), and that we are probably going to gain neither fame, nor riches from this little project. Therefore, you can go ahead and assume that the contents of this blog are precisely the kind of biased, opinionated, personal reviews you rely on to help you make smart choices when you walk into the store and drop $75 on wheat-grass, glitter and margarita salt. That being said, it is the opinion of both Sally and I that Lush makes some pretty damned fine products. Some we like, some we don’t, but in terms of hand-made cosmetics, comparing Lush products is a bit like comparing Hanzo swords.


So what exactly makes us qualified to talk like we know Lush? What makes our opinions any more worthy of your ears than those of the next person’s? Well, for one thing, we buy a lot of Lush. I mean, a LOT of Lush. We’re not a pair of rich snobs, mind you. We’re a pair of broke students. But we’ve managed to get our hands on a good chunk of their inventory over the past year (as well as heard the patter for just about everything in the store from the various sales associates) and probably have seen a better range of their stuff than the average person. Additionally, Sally and I both bring our own unique personalities to the table (if I may be so bold):


She:  Currently 3rd best arguer in the nation in undergraduate legal debates and heading to law school next fall. She brandishes her impressive GPA like a +10 Mace of Crushing. So you know she’s pragmatic, logical, smart as a kick in the knee and almost always right about everything. She also has spent years working in theater, fashion and photography and is well versed in the ins-and-outs of skin care and make-up, particularly of the all-natural, handmade and designer varieties. Not to mention she’s girly, which speaks volumes.

He: a former student of Creative Writing and Studio Art with an obsession for anything home-made or DIY. My biggest asset to this blog is that I’m a man, and that I shall be reviewing products generally consumed by, and marketed to, women. I’m currently a blacksmith at a living museum. I chop wood, I like whiskey, I like blacksmithing, I shave, I play sports, I have a beard and I expel horrible sounds from my various orifices and often laugh about them later on with my other man-friends. But that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy a good bar of soap or an exfoliating scrub when it’s time to wash clean the sweat of the harvest or the blood of my enemies. Also I’ve made soap before and have done a good deal of research on the topic.


Anyway, we hope that you enjoy our blog and that our reviews help you to steer your addiction in a healthy direction.



Have A Lush Life!





One response to “About Us

  1. TrailerTrashPrincess

    y’all are about 20 (yes. twenty) years too late to help steer my addiction into any realm even remotely near healthy. but i LOVE the intro. truly. y’all sound like such a hoot! 😀

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