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You Crazy People!

We’ve moved to — we are no longer posting content here, so bookmark THAT address and start visiting it! We also have a facebook (Living the Lush Life) which we are DYING for more followers on, and a Twitter (@livinglushlife) which we’d love followers on, too. Last but not least, we have a Tumblr where we post lots of Lushious (haha, get it?) pictures at !

But while you’re here reading this, we thought we’d post:

We’re running a contest to win a shower gel of YOUR CHOICE from the NA Chat Party! Calacas, Twilight or Snowshowers! It’ll be on us!



What’re ya waiting for?!

We’re still getting lots and lots of hits here every single day– everyone head over to our new location! We imported all of our reviews so all the old content is there! PLUS, we’re giving away a full sized Skin Nanny– to enter the contest, simply tweet us (@livinglushlife), mention us in a tweet to someone else, retweet something we’ve said, or comment anywhere on our site! NO LIMIT TO ENTRIES!

What are you waiting for?!

We’ve Moved!


In anticipation of releasing new content (we mean it this time!), we’ve moved to an actual domain capable of handling our size and the number of hits we still get daily (thank you all SO much for sticking with us)!!

You can now find as as “Living the Lush Life: Honest Reviews by a Modest Couple” at !

Enjoy ❤

A use for slivers of Lush soap!

Looking for something to do with your old, tiny slivers of Lush soap that are collecting in your bathroom? One of our favorite readers, TrailerTrashPrincess, offers a great idea:


Lush soaps are made from a melt-and-pour type soap base, so it is relatively simple to make MultiSoap bars with all the little leftover bits. Especially if some of them are still squishy-soft and fresh, or if you’re willing to sacrifice part of a soft bar of soap to help it all along. (think of it like nuts in a chocolate bar… melt the chocolate to hold the nuts in place) Waxed paper drinking cups from fast food & coffee places make perfect molds for this!

Use a pyrex measuring cup if you have one, or a smooth-sided microwave safe bowl/mug and add in all the random soap bits and a splash (tablespoon or so) of water. Put in the microwave for 30 seconds to two minutes, depending on your nuker, until the water gets hot, almost boiling, and the soap starts to melt. Add in the soft, sacrificial soap (or buttercream), give it a good stir and pop back in the microwave for a little bit longer – it doesn’t all have to melt, but it needs to be melty enough that it’ll all hold together.

When it’s Soap Stew, pour it out into your paper cup or soap mold if you’ve got one (silicone cupcake cups work, too) and either let it sit out to cool or pop it in the freezer. If you don’t have a micronuker, you can use a double boiler to melt it all.

When cool, peel the paper cup off and toss in the recycle bin – and enjoy your MultiSoap!


New Reviews coming!

Lots of things have been changing for Alex and I, and things are finally settling down.

I know it’s been a long time since you’ve heard from us, and before that updates were few and far between for a while. We constantly discuss our love for Lush and this blog, as well as our desire to actually start updating it again. We stopped using Lush for a while because we weren’t doing well financially (and Lush isn’t exactly easy on the pocket book) and I felt too busy to indulge in things like a bath (truthfully, it was probably what I needed most). All that said, we moved into a beautiful apartment in Boston a few weeks ago and after graduating college last month, I landed a job as a paralegal.

I spent a little of my first check on some new lush, and you can definitely expect reviews of all the products I got soon (as well as more frequent updates, we mean it this time): Color Corrector, Enzymion, Grease Lightening, Coconut and Almond Smoothie, Tea Tree Water and Mask of Magnaminty.

Talk to you all soon!