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A use for slivers of Lush soap!

Looking for something to do with your old, tiny slivers of Lush soap that are collecting in your bathroom? One of our favorite readers, TrailerTrashPrincess, offers a great idea:


Lush soaps are made from a melt-and-pour type soap base, so it is relatively simple to make MultiSoap bars with all the little leftover bits. Especially if some of them are still squishy-soft and fresh, or if you’re willing to sacrifice part of a soft bar of soap to help it all along. (think of it like nuts in a chocolate bar… melt the chocolate to hold the nuts in place) Waxed paper drinking cups from fast food & coffee places make perfect molds for this!

Use a pyrex measuring cup if you have one, or a smooth-sided microwave safe bowl/mug and add in all the random soap bits and a splash (tablespoon or so) of water. Put in the microwave for 30 seconds to two minutes, depending on your nuker, until the water gets hot, almost boiling, and the soap starts to melt. Add in the soft, sacrificial soap (or buttercream), give it a good stir and pop back in the microwave for a little bit longer – it doesn’t all have to melt, but it needs to be melty enough that it’ll all hold together.

When it’s Soap Stew, pour it out into your paper cup or soap mold if you’ve got one (silicone cupcake cups work, too) and either let it sit out to cool or pop it in the freezer. If you don’t have a micronuker, you can use a double boiler to melt it all.

When cool, peel the paper cup off and toss in the recycle bin – and enjoy your MultiSoap!