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Humango by Sally


About the item:

Humango Bath Bomb
24.59 oz / 700 grams
$14.00 (now discontinued and not for sale)

The official Lush website no longer makes mention of Humango anywhere on their site (in fact, if you search Humango, there will be no results found!). However, I found a description of the item that was originally on the Lush website stored away on Amazon. So, the description says that “Humango bath bomb is four times the weight” of a usual bath bomb, and it is “scented with reviving, You’ve Been Mangoed fragrance of lemongrass, lime and lemon essential oils. It blasts you into wakefulness with a humongous helping of refreshing scents. Inside, you’ve got tiny pieces of You’ve Been Mangoed bath melt to moisturise your skin with nutritious mango butter.” Yum.

As the website no longer makes mention of Humango, I can’t seem to find a complete ingredient list anywhere. I emailed Lush for information on the item, but until I get it, I can only go off of the above listed description for clues as to what is in it.

My Review:

I’ve probably mentioned this before, but I had never thought twice about taking a bath until I met Lush one fateful afternoon in Harvard Square, Boston. Frankly, it seemed like a grand old waste of time (and water– because I insisted on the water being piping hot). Seriously, what a pain in the ass! Walking into the bathroom, assessing the condition of the tub… peeling the long hairs or dog hairs from the sides, and then wondering how the dog hairs even got there… either bleaching or spraying mildew remover accordingly, depending on how scuzzy the tub really is…

Yeah, so my pre-bath routine might be a little different from YOUR pre-bath routine, but whatever. I’m a college student living with four other people who don’t always share the same hygiene standards that I hold myself to. Showering is easy on my OCD; only my feet touch the tub. But a bath? Too much work for not a lot of fun. Well, Humango changed all that. Actually, to be honest with you, Supernova ballistic changed all that, but Humango made me want to stay in my dog-hairy-soap-scummy tub forever.

I received this bath bomb in a group order from the UK a looong time ago, but it came all smashed up. Bummer. I told Lush customer service about it and, peaches that they are, they sent me TWO brand spankin’ new ones. I put them on my shelf on top of all my other bath bombs, perched like the kings of the mountain that they are, and let their aroma fill my room for a few weeks. I couldn’t work up the motivation to actually use one… they’re huge! About four-five times the size of normal bath bombs and weighing in at roughly 1.5 pounds, I didn’t have the heart to break them up but also couldn’t fathom using the entire thing on something as inferior as my college kid, suave infested tub. After all, how could I let something so beautiful witness the treachary of a tub filled with common bath goods from the local CVS? No, no, it just didn’t seem right. So I let it sit in my room, nice and warm, squishing all my other Lush.

And squish it did. Let me reiterate: 1.5 pounds of bath bomb. Lifting this thing to smell it was simultaneously working out my biceps. But I didn’t care, because I couldn’t stop smelling it! It carried a 10 foot aura of lemongrass and citrus everywhere it went, and although the picture correctly depicts the fact that it was colorless, it does NOT accurately demonstrate the speckles of bath bombs contained within it.

Now, if you’ve ever owned a Humango or seen a video of it, I’m curious to know: how many You’ve Been Mango’d bath melt chunks (roughly) were in your bath bomb? Even this video of Humango does NOT do it justice. If I had taken all of the chunks of you’ve been mango’d that were in my Humango and combined them, I likely would have had eight full bath melts. Was I just lucky? Did I get a Humango with an unusual amount of bath melt in it? Now, those bath melts sell for $5-6 a pop– you do the math. When I finally decided to use this, I put the entire thing in because I couldn’t bear to break it and it fizzed for over ten minutes! Huge chunks of bath melt were floating in the tub with me, so I snatched them up to rub on my skin for extra softener. This bath bomb was worth way more than $14.

The cons? Well, it was expensive, like I said. But it was so worth it. I mean, if you’re into bath goods and taking baths, this is the king of all bath bombs. It was incredible. If I lucked out and got a super charged Humango, then I’m not sure you’ll have the same experience as I did. The bath melts REALLY added to this bath bomb and made it ten times more enjoyable than I predict it would have been otherwise. The other big con for me is that it was colorless! So lame! The tub stayed a murky clear-brown weirdness that develops after taking a bath when you’re filthy from a long day of work and general wear-and-tear. I love the colors that bath bombs change the water (it is a big part of the experience for me, in fact), so not seeing beautiful bright colors really saddened me.

To anyone who loves citrus smells, I highly recommend you try to pick one of these up on ebay. I’ve seen a few auctions for them at around $15, which may be well worth it if your little heart is set on trying this. Otherwise, feel free to take a stab at our latest promotion.

Advertise this blog somewhere (on a forum, in a comment on another blog, in your blog… anywhere!) and post a comment with the link to where you advertised, as well as your email so I can contact you, and I’ll enter you in a raffle to get a piece of my shattered Humango. Alex will choose three winners at random. The drawing will occur February 19th, so get your comments posted by February 18th.

Bang-for-your-Buck Rating: $$
Overall Rating: 5


Christmas Sale 2008 Followup

Hi friends,

I hope you’ve made time to pay a visit to Lush! I keep reading on the forums that this sale “sucks” and is nothing compared to last year– and while the latter may be semi-true, I can’t fathom anyone thinking this sale sucks and being disappointed, even in comparison to last year. Buy 1 Get 2 free holiday items? Buy 1 Get 1 gifts? Don’t get spoiled by the fact that Lush has been even MORE generous in past years! They’re giving you free stuff! Be happy!

I made Alex drive me to the brand new Burlington, MA Lush store this year. We got up at 6am to make it in for 8am… silly me, thinking there’d be lines and lines all over. Is no one else obsessed with Lush? Eh, maybe not. Anyway, we arrived and were there for probably a half hour and only one other customer came in (that I noticed, anyway… I was admittedly a bit distracted).

This was my beautiful haul:

Keep it Fluffy Soap ($20/ish chunk)
Porridge Soap ($20/ish chunk)
Angel’s Delight Soap ($20/ish chunk, free)
Snowcake Soap ($20/ish chunk, free)
Demon in the Dark ($20/ish chunk, free)
Extra Virgin Olive Oil ($20/ish chunk, free)

Marzibain bubble bar x 3
Jingle Spells x 3
Christmas Morning x 3
Frothy the Snowman bubble bar x 2 (all free, I totally regret not grabbing more of these…)
Twinkle x 3 (all free)
Chocolate Santa x 3 (all free)
Snowdrop x 2 (all free)
Lush Pud x 2 (all free)
Christmas Kisses x 1 (all free)
Christmas Party x 5 (all free)

White Christmas holiday gift
Happy Showers holiday gift (free)

I, unfortunately, had a bad experience with an employee at the store that made me not want to return. I was frustrated enough to make a post about it on the Lush Forum, but was immediately PM’d by their Team Leader, Lauren. I’ve been corresponding with her a few times a day to fill her in on what happened, and she has been absolutely incredible. Definetly the BEST customer service I have ever had, in any store, in my entire life. She made me feel so much better about the situation (and took the necessary actions in handling the situation with her manager/regional manager) that I will probably go to the Burlington, MA shop exclusively from now on (sorry, Natick!).

I’m going back on Friday to pick up a few things Lauren set aside for me, but my list is growing longer as I think about what I want. If they have more Twinkle or Frothy, I’ll definetly be picking a few up… I also really want a Let Them Eat Cake lippy for Alex’s brother’s girlfriend who wasn’t able to grab one when they visited the shop. And then I am cut off from buying Lush for quite some time!

Did any of you take advantage of the Lush after Christmas sale? Or are you planning to? Leave a comment with your Lush Haul and you’ll be entered into a drawing for some delicious Lush goodies. 🙂

NA Chat Party!

Update: The page you can go to in order to find all the items, their prices, and pictures (as well as all other deals) is…

All orders bought online until Oct. 15th are only $8 flat rate shipping!

Hi friends,

We have some exciting news! First of all, we will have 3-4 new reviews up this week/weekend including some of the new items! Keep checking back.

As you know, the NA Chat Party is TODAY (I’ll be attending and will fill you all in). The items have been released! Here is some info with prices/pictures:

Halloween items:
Ghost Shower Gel $16.95 each VEGAN
Pumpkin Soap $4.95 per chunk VEGAN
Witches Ball Bubble Bar $5.95 each (available to the end of December) VEGAN
Magic Bath Bomb $6.95 each (available to the end of December) VEGAN
Spellbound Gift $27.95

Holiday pre-sales:
Candy Cane Bubble Bar $5.95 each VEGAN
Christmas Party Bath Bomb $5.95 each VEGAN
Holiday Bubble Bar $6.95 each VEGAN
Christmas Kisses Bubble Bar $6.95 each VEGAN
Snowcake Soap $6.95 per chunk VEGAN
and maybe more to come…

Super special, limited edition web-only item:
Silver Cloud Bath Bomb $5.95