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You Crazy People!

We’ve moved to — we are no longer posting content here, so bookmark THAT address and start visiting it! We also have a facebook (Living the Lush Life) which we are DYING for more followers on, and a Twitter (@livinglushlife) which we’d love followers on, too. Last but not least, we have a Tumblr where we post lots of Lushious (haha, get it?) pictures at !

But while you’re here reading this, we thought we’d post:

We’re running a contest to win a shower gel of YOUR CHOICE from the NA Chat Party! Calacas, Twilight or Snowshowers! It’ll be on us!



New Reviews coming!

Lots of things have been changing for Alex and I, and things are finally settling down.

I know it’s been a long time since you’ve heard from us, and before that updates were few and far between for a while. We constantly discuss our love for Lush and this blog, as well as our desire to actually start updating it again. We stopped using Lush for a while because we weren’t doing well financially (and Lush isn’t exactly easy on the pocket book) and I felt too busy to indulge in things like a bath (truthfully, it was probably what I needed most). All that said, we moved into a beautiful apartment in Boston a few weeks ago and after graduating college last month, I landed a job as a paralegal.

I spent a little of my first check on some new lush, and you can definitely expect reviews of all the products I got soon (as well as more frequent updates, we mean it this time): Color Corrector, Enzymion, Grease Lightening, Coconut and Almond Smoothie, Tea Tree Water and Mask of Magnaminty.

Talk to you all soon!

Fragrances and Lotions!

We have several large content updates coming your way, but for the mean time (and I can’t believe I didn’t blog about this sooner…) here is some important info:

First, the UK has introduced a new VERY AFFORDABLE shipping price for NA customers! Wahoo! No more group orders! Go make a mock order and check it out… only $5.95!

Second,we have some info on the perfume/lotion party this Tuesday!

The party is for one day: Tues 28th Oct 08 – 10am to 7pm.

In case the phones are busy, and to give an extra day for orders, so that people don’t get stressed if they cant phone on Tues, we are allowing one more day of orders the next day.
So no party on Wed – but you can still place orders for the specials from 9am – 9pm


The Sultana of Fragrance 2580 50ml £ 21
The Comforter Fragrance 2582 50ml £ 23
Tramp Fragrance 2584 50ml £ 25
Skinny Dip Fragrance 2586 50ml £ 22
Jungle Fragrance 2588 50ml £ 24
Something Wicked Fragrance 2590 50ml £ 35

Body Lotions :

The Sultana of Body Lotion 2581 225g £9.50
The Comforter Body Lotion 2583 225g £11
Tramp Body Lotion 2585 225g £9.50
Skinny Dip Body Lotion 2587 225g £10
Jungle Body Lotion 2589 225g £10
Something Wicked Body Lotion 2591 225g £13

Factory Mistake:

Golden Karma. 2592 85g £1.75 Limited stock.

NA Chat Party!

Update: The page you can go to in order to find all the items, their prices, and pictures (as well as all other deals) is…

All orders bought online until Oct. 15th are only $8 flat rate shipping!

Hi friends,

We have some exciting news! First of all, we will have 3-4 new reviews up this week/weekend including some of the new items! Keep checking back.

As you know, the NA Chat Party is TODAY (I’ll be attending and will fill you all in). The items have been released! Here is some info with prices/pictures:

Halloween items:
Ghost Shower Gel $16.95 each VEGAN
Pumpkin Soap $4.95 per chunk VEGAN
Witches Ball Bubble Bar $5.95 each (available to the end of December) VEGAN
Magic Bath Bomb $6.95 each (available to the end of December) VEGAN
Spellbound Gift $27.95

Holiday pre-sales:
Candy Cane Bubble Bar $5.95 each VEGAN
Christmas Party Bath Bomb $5.95 each VEGAN
Holiday Bubble Bar $6.95 each VEGAN
Christmas Kisses Bubble Bar $6.95 each VEGAN
Snowcake Soap $6.95 per chunk VEGAN
and maybe more to come…

Super special, limited edition web-only item:
Silver Cloud Bath Bomb $5.95


New Page!

Just a quick note to say that we now have a “Lush News and Promotions” section you can find at the top of our page under the Lush image. Itwill hold all of the CURRENT news, promotions, lush discons or new products! Enjoy!