Lush News and Promotions

We will keep this section up-to-date with CURRENT promotions and news– will still be posting in our normal “front page” section with all of this info so that a year down the road you can look back and find the sales that happened, though.

Check back here often for all the current info, and use our front page to find older sales and promotions (it is easiest if you search by the tag “promotions”, etc). Please comment if you have any news to share!

Current In-Store Promotions: (NEWEST UPDATES ARE LISTED FIRST)

We are getting snippets of information about the after holiday sale (2010)– but nothing “official” to report yet. To answer some basic questions: yes, it happens the day after christmas both in stores and online. The in-store sale is significantly better, though.

The Lush 2010 holiday items have been released!  To see these items, click here if you are from North America, and here if you are from the UK.

In store promotions vary from store to store. There is no known promotion occurring nationally, so call your local store to ask about promotions!

Does anyone know of any in store sales happening?

Current Online Promotions:

Lush has released an amazing sampler of 7 different perfumes for only $12! Check it out here.

Current Forum Party Info:

None at this time.


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