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New Reviews coming!

Lots of things have been changing for Alex and I, and things are finally settling down.

I know it’s been a long time since you’ve heard from us, and before that updates were few and far between for a while. We constantly discuss our love for Lush and this blog, as well as our desire to actually start updating it again. We stopped using Lush for a while because we weren’t doing well financially (and Lush isn’t exactly easy on the pocket book) and I felt too busy to indulge in things like a bath (truthfully, it was probably what I needed most). All that said, we moved into a beautiful apartment in Boston a few weeks ago and after graduating college last month, I landed a job as a paralegal.

I spent a little of my first check on some new lush, and you can definitely expect reviews of all the products I got soon (as well as more frequent updates, we mean it this time): Color Corrector, Enzymion, Grease Lightening, Coconut and Almond Smoothie, Tea Tree Water and Mask of Magnaminty.

Talk to you all soon!


Fragrances and Lotions!

We have several large content updates coming your way, but for the mean time (and I can’t believe I didn’t blog about this sooner…) here is some important info:

First, the UK has introduced a new VERY AFFORDABLE shipping price for NA customers! Wahoo! No more group orders! Go make a mock order and check it out… only $5.95!

Second,we have some info on the perfume/lotion party this Tuesday!

The party is for one day: Tues 28th Oct 08 – 10am to 7pm.

In case the phones are busy, and to give an extra day for orders, so that people don’t get stressed if they cant phone on Tues, we are allowing one more day of orders the next day.
So no party on Wed – but you can still place orders for the specials from 9am – 9pm


The Sultana of Fragrance 2580 50ml £ 21
The Comforter Fragrance 2582 50ml £ 23
Tramp Fragrance 2584 50ml £ 25
Skinny Dip Fragrance 2586 50ml £ 22
Jungle Fragrance 2588 50ml £ 24
Something Wicked Fragrance 2590 50ml £ 35

Body Lotions :

The Sultana of Body Lotion 2581 225g £9.50
The Comforter Body Lotion 2583 225g £11
Tramp Body Lotion 2585 225g £9.50
Skinny Dip Body Lotion 2587 225g £10
Jungle Body Lotion 2589 225g £10
Something Wicked Body Lotion 2591 225g £13

Factory Mistake:

Golden Karma. 2592 85g £1.75 Limited stock.

Rub Rub Rub Shower Gel by Sally

Note: The “Tips” section is now up, featuring tips for making your Lush last and for the most enjoyable experience possible!

About the Item

Rub Rub Rub Shower Gel

3.3 fl. oz $8.95

8.4 fl. oz $14.95

16.9 fl. oz $23.95

The Official Lush Website lists Rub Rub Rub as a “refreshing” and “invigorating” sea salt, lemon and mimosa scrub. The website also says that it is “extra cleansing and mineral rich,” and that it can even be used as a shampoo!

The website specifies, however, that you should always shake up Rub Rub Rub before using due to the high salt content in it.

Rub Rub Rub contains the following Natural and/or Organic components: Fine Sea Salt (Sodium Chloride), Water (Aqua), Fresh Organic Lemon Juice (Citrus limonum), Jasmine Flower Infusion (Jasminum officinale), Mimosa Absolute (Mimosa tenuiflora), Orange Blossom Absolute (Citrus Aurantium dulcis), Jasmine Absolute (Jasminum officinale), Lemon Oil (Citrus limonum), Lactic Acid, Limonene.

Rub Rub Rub contains the following safe synthetic ingredients: Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Sodium Cocoamphoacetate, Lauryl Betaine, Perfume, Blue No. 1, D&C Red 28.

My Review:

I bought this specifically to review it, having read nothing about it whatsoever and seeing it in the Newbury Street (Boston) store the day it was stocked. I bought the 8.4 fl. oz size, thinking I’d probably like it based simply on the fact that it was blue, and lush typically reserves blue for items that are “oceany” and/or “fresh” (see: big blue, seanik, world piece, ice blue, ocean salt, etc, etc).

I took it home and stuck it in the shower, happy to replace my Flying Fox shower gel I’ve been using for a few weeks (BLARGH! …but you’ll hear all about that in one of my next reviews). First thing I noticed upon my next shower/an adequate inspection was that this baby was incredibly heavy for a little bottle. Like, REALLY heavy. I am certain it is because of the high salt content, especially so because the entire bottom half of the bottle was salt that had settled to the bottom and caked into a solid form, leaving the top gooey and runny. I shook it up, thinking it would solve the problem, and it didn’t. I shook some more, squeezed the bottle, opened it to relieve some pressure, shook again, squeezed, rolled it between my hands, and after all that only a little bit of the salt had distributed. I got to work, shaking it for 10 seconds and then using my thumbs to break up the salt through the wall of the bottle (and repeat). Finally, the salt was broken up and I could see air bubbles on the bottom of the bottle. It probably took about 5 minutes in all to spread the salt through the gel, which isn’t long, but might be if you’re in a rush before work in the morning (not to mention, considering how heavy the bottle was, it was like a mini-workout!).

Once I felt good about the salt distribution and confident that I’d be using the product correctly to write an accurate review, I squirted some into my hand and marveled at how thin it was. Usually, when I turn a bottle upside down and the gel moves down to the opening, it slides down slowly and looks thick and goopy, leaving a thick residue on the edges of the bottle. That is definetly not what happened with Rub Rub Rub. It slid right down quickly– maybe I just got a thin batch and I am by no means saying it was a “bad” thing, I’m just suggesting to be prepared for a very different consistency.

I smoothed it on my arms and marveled at the little bits of salt– it is like if you took ocean salt and watered it down a bit. And it smells SOOOO YUMMY! If you liked Sakura, 17 Cherry Tree Lane, or Ocean Salt, you will love this because it is essentially the same scent as the formers with an twinge of the latter.

It exfoliated my skin in a lovely way, but I decided to put some on my louffa/loofa/pouf/whatever to see how it felt. It didn’t appear to lather much at all– I needed to use quite a bit to get some good lather, and I lost the nice feeling of the salt exfoliation because the loofa was doing that already (and I think the salt was getting “lost” in the folds of it). I think this is more of a straight-from-bottle-to-body shower gel, but that just might be me.

I know this sounds like a fairly neutral review, and I guess I don’t think Rub Rub Rub was anything SUPER special, but I LOVE the salt (despite the difficulty to mix it– maybe it would be easier if I used a popsicle stick from now on?) and I think it is 10,000 x better than the other shower gels I’ve tried so far (Chai and Flying Fox). A lot of that, though, probably has to do with the type of scents you like. If you tend to lean toward something fresh, clean, oceany, with a hint of floral, you’d probably love this.

I also think this is a better alternative to many other “sugar scrubs” or “sea salt scrubs”, etc, because it doesn’t leave you with that coated-in-grease feeling that overdoses of cocoa butter and oil give you. It leaves you feeling squeeky clean and fresh, and also doesn’t coat the bottom of the tub in slick grease. It easily washes away and the scent stays.

I’ve used this in the shower for about a week now, and will continue to do so. Will I buy it again? I’m not sure, but not because it wasn’t enjoyable. I just prefer soap. Shower gels are used so quickly, in my opinion, and soap does the exact same thing.

What are your thoughts?

Bang for Your Buck Rating: $ (much more expensive than soap and doesn’t last as long)

Overall Rating: 3

New Page!

Just a quick note to say that we now have a “Lush News and Promotions” section you can find at the top of our page under the Lush image. Itwill hold all of the CURRENT news, promotions, lush discons or new products! Enjoy!

New Lush In-Store Promo!

Update: I just went in to Lush, Providence. They have all the new bath bombs, shower gels, toner tabs, moisturizers, etc, etc… I spent enough to get Yummy, Yummy, Yummy (full sized!) and a full sized Vanishing Cream for free! That’s almost $60 worth of Lush!

So, I haven’t tried this yet, but have heard SEVERAL comments from others who have. Apparently if you spend $40 or more in store, you get any one of the new products (full size). So, that means, if you buy a few bombs and a shampoo, you can get the 500ml brand NEW Yummy, Yummy, Yummy, FOR FREE (or one of the new $30 moisturizers… sheesh)!

This promotion just started and is apparently good to run until Oct. 5th. I will be trying this promo myself, at which point I can confirm it. But go ahead and call your local store and ask!

I must note, though, that a few people are recieving only the SMALL 100ml size of the shower gels and the new moisturizer SAMPLES. Lame!

If you called your local store, what did they say?

Silky Underwear Dusting Powder by Sally

About the Item

Silky Underwear Dusting Powder

3.5 oz $11.95

One size only

The Official Lush website lists Silky Underwear Dusting Powder asa “light jasmine fragranced powder” that “refreshes and lightly moisturizes skin.” The website also says that “Silky Underwear is refreshing anytime. Cornstarch keeps your skin silky, while tiny grains of cocoa butter lightly moisturize. Apply it as a pick-me-up during the day or after the show to slow down before bed. However you want to use it, Silky’s subtle yet sexy jasmine and vetivert scent leaves you wanting more.”

It contains: Cornstarch (Zea mays), Kaolin, Fair Trade Cocoa Butter (Theobroma cacao), Magnesium Carbonate, Perfume, Jasmine Absolute (Jasminum officinale), Vetivert Oil (Vetiveria zizanoides) and Linalool.

My Review:

I was apprehensive about buying this in stores. I’ve never, ever used powder for anything. Ever. I know some people who dust baby powder on themselves after a shower, and I know some people who put it in their shoes in the summer. I know that some people put it in their babies’ diapers to prevent rash. I know it is odor neutralizing, and has about a million uses.

I also know that most powders are primarily made of Talc, which is terrible for your body. It is one of the causes of lung cancer, skin cancer, and ovarian cancer (it is found in 75% of ovarian tumors!), and causes tumors even in animals. That being said, the Lush Dusting Powders contain NO TALC. Umm, amazing? This is what sold me in the store, even having never used a dusting powder. I figured, well, since I’ve strayed from powders for so long due to Talc, I might as well try the first one I’ve ever seen that doesn’t contain it.

I sniffed it in stores and frankly wasn’t impressed with the smell, but the price was reasonable considering how long I figured it would last. I took it home and didn’t really touch it for about a week, and then decided to pop open the top. First problem: The top is like those Parmesan cheese cans. You have to use your finger to punch it open, then you can spin around the top so that the opening lines up with it the way you want (either to get a lot, or to get a little). Well, I couldn’t punch the bugger open! I eventually got a fork, grabbed it by the teeth, and stabbed my way to freedom– err, to lovely dusting powder. I’ll admit, it took me three or four high speed stabs until this thing finally opened (okay, okay, so I haven’t been to the gym in weeks).

Once I got it open, I turned it upside down to get a “little” out. Bad idea. I started to think, maybe this packaging isn’t brilliant? If you try to turn it on it’s side to get a little shake out, a TON comes out. But it is unfortunately your only option. I thought that was a bummer and wasn’t sure I’d use it frequently, but once I got a whiff of the stuff out of the Lush store (where I could REALLY take in the scent independent of the giant wheels of soap), I LOVED IT! I can’t place my finger on what it is… but it’s like milky coconut (this is probably the cocoa butter) mixed with some flower petals (it isn’t strong enough to remind me of one flower in particular). It is an unbelievably dreamy, soft smell.

(Note: To deal with my packaging issue, I’ve been using a huge body dusting brush from Victoria’s Secret– I press it up against the top of the container, turn it on its side, let some powder out onto the brush, and then dust the powder all over myself with the brush)

I’ve discovered, after weeks of dedicated use, that if I use Potion Lotion over Silky Underwear it locks in the scent ALL day. I’ll put it on in the morning after a shower (9am-ish) and when I go out with friends at 10pm I’ll STILL get compliments on my scent from across the table. I LOVE perfume and I LOVE being fragrant (shampoo, perfume, whatever it may be), but I have never been so noticeably delicious!

My favorite part about this dusting powder is the way it makes my skin feel– no doubt thanks to the cocoa butter. My skin feels AMAZING after. Silky and smooth. I can put it on my legs after not shaving for a week and my legs feel as smooth as if I had JUST shaved (ladies, don’t deny how amazing that is!). I will totally continue to buy a product that promotes my laziness and makes my boyfriend happy. Score!

Bang-For-Your-Buck Rating: $$$

Overall Rating: 4 (minus one point for poor packaging)

UK Forum Party Prices!

Here are the prices for all the items– half off retro AND the Christmas items! See the previous post for pictures and descriptions.

Again, this was lifted off the Lush UK Forum.


Product / Party PLU / Normal Price / Party Price / Use by Date
Absoloute Delight R20059 £3.00 £1.50 Jun-09
All That Jas R20002 £2.70 £1.35 Jun-09
Antiphilitron R20600 £11.50 £5.75 Jun-09
Bon Bain Bonnard R20025 £2.40 £1.20 Jun-09
Bon Bomb R22136 £2.50 £1.25 Jun-09
Chai R21480 £12.00 £6.00 Jun-09
Elixir R22545 £5.00 £2.50 Jun-09
Fizzy O Therapy R20022 £2.50 £1.25 Jun-09
Flying Saucers R20106 £14.00 £7.00 Jun-09
Forever in Bloom R20614 £11.00 £5.50 Jun-09
Fox in the Flowers R22135 £2.50 £1.25 Jun-09
Ginger Lotion R22214 £11.95 £5.95 Jun-09
Harvey Bunny R22157 £3.00 £1.50 Jun-09
Ibiza Party R20632 £11.00 £5.50 Jun-09
Ice Blue R22553 £10.95 £5.45 Jun-09
Kiss Me Klimpt R20029 £3.00 £1.50 Jun-09
Okra R20641 £11.00 £5.50 Jun-09
Pleasure Dough R22131 £3.50 £1.75 Jun-09
Psychodelic R20136 £2.50 £1.25 Jun-09
Rainbow Worrier R22134 £3.00 £1.50 Jun-09
Softy R20035 £2.75 £1.35 Jun-09
Washday Greens R20606 £12.00 £6.00 Jun-09
World Piece R20040 £2.50 £1.25 Jun-09
Potion R20204 £7.95 £3.95 Jul-09

PLU Code / Product Name / Price
1714 Jingle Spells £2.50
1739 Lush Pud £2.65
2040 Christmas Party £2.60
2041 Mr Butterball £1.95
2430 Twinkle £2.75
2825 Chocolate Santa (NEW!) £3.25
2826 Double Fast Luck – Emotibomb (NEW!) £2.25
2827 Humango (NEW!) £7.50
2828 Magic (NEW!) £3.10
2829 Snowdrop (NEW!) £2.95

Bubble Bars
PLU Code / Product Name / Price
1719 Marzibain £2.50
2046 Candy Cane £2.25
2433 Christmas Kiss £2.25
2436 Ruby Red Slippers £3.25
2831 Christmas Morning (NEW!) £2.95
2832 Frothy The Snowman (NEW!) £2.75
2833 The Gold Star (NEW!) £2.75
2834 The Witches Ball (NEW!) £2.95

Shower Jellies / Gels
PLU Code / Product Name / Price
2425 Snow Fairy Shower Gel 100g £2.95
2426 Snow Fairy Shower Gel 250g £5.95
2427 Snow Fairy Shower Gel 500g £9.95
2440 Champagne Snow Jelly 100g £2.95
2717 Gold Frankincense & Beer Jelly 100g £2.75
2836 Strawberry Santa Jelly 100g (NEW!) £2.95

Soaps (all 100g)
PLU Code / Product Name / Price
2052 Snowcake £2.50
2054 Angels Delight £2.15
2837 Christmas Cake Slice (NEW!) £2.95

Lip Balm
PLU Code / Product Name / Price
2835 Let Them Eat Cake (NEW!) £4.50