Review System

The review system we have adopted is pretty cut and dry. We have two different main categories we judge a product on, made up of many smaller components that we consider in making our decision.

1. Bang-For-Your-Buck Rating (BFYB). We chose this as one of our main categories because, well, we’re poor students. Using Lush products sounds really amazing in theory, but let’s face it… they’re expensive. The $7 bath bombs will pay for four cups of coffee to keep me going during crunch time, or a splurge lunch special at the local chinese food dive after pulling an all-nighter studying for my statistics exam. Point is, as wonderful as Lush products may be, we need to be realistic in rating them for the average person. The BFYB Rating means exactly that– how “worth it” is this product? Is it totally overpriced? Is it a tiny amount for a HUGE cost? Or was the product so enjoyable that it was totally worth the cash? Did the product contain enough uses to be worth the money? Here is the system break down:

$- Not worth it. It cost a ton of money, and wasn’t enjoyable enough to make it worth it.
$$- Worth it, but not if it’s your last $10. It was expensive, but was enjoyable enough to make it a “once-in-a-while” luxury.
$$$- Definetly worth it. These items might be costly, but they are staples in our routines and we will continue to buy them.

2. Overall Rating. We’ve adopted this as a “set-aside-your-budget-and-look-at-the-item” rating. We consider things like texture, scent, size, how long the product lasts, appearance, how long the scent lasts (both on your body and off), number of uses, and we also consider the bang-for-your-buck rating (but not heavily– afterall, this is suppost to be an analysis that doesn’t consider the cost).

Feel free to ask any specific questions about products in the comment section of that review, and we will happily answer to our best ability (or re-do the review to include it!).



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